Who are we?

She couldn’t feel her wings,
but knew they were there.
So she built a ladder that lead to the sky,
and when she touched the clouds,
she remembered how to fly. - Atticus

She Dot is here to help build those ladders, and works to bridge the gap between socio-economic inequality, working to improve the lives of many through diversity education and skills workshops. Fun and relatable, we aim to provide a welcoming environment where girls are encouraged to be their best selves.

As a social enterprise, we have a series of children’s picture books, written and illustrated by hand, which aim to reverse social prejudices by taking a modern twist on classic fairy tales and touching on issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia and disability discrimination.

We also create and facilitate both workshops and events, which provide hands-on skills development and contact time. These are great for networking, learning from like-minded individuals, and promoting learning outside the classroom and connecting it in real world.

Our 3-step Mission

We believe that change really can be as easy as 1,2,3. Simple, yet effective - Just as it should be.


Diversity Books

Our crafted tales aim to introduce relevant social issues at younger ages, to welcome open minded views and provoke discussions. They take a modern twist on a classic fairytale in order to bring to light social issues with varied and stretching language. Allowing parents to share storytime with their chidlren, the story is now available in 6 languages and in physical, e-book and audio book.

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Covering everything and anything, our workshops aim to bring together a community of individuals passionate about a subject to share and develop their skills and understanding. As well as providing a platform to connect, participants meet relevant professionals and spend the sessions working towards real, measurable deliverables. These events have been supported in the past by Barclays, Microsoft and others!



Like a car requires petrol or a textbook requires paper, any person requires a network to help keep them afloat in times of need. Our sessions unite thinkers, doers, believers - those who have thrived in the face of adversity. By creating the space for young people to connect to role models and likeminded peers, we allow them to forge connections that will support and believe in them through every endeavour, like we do.

Comments and other nice things!

Along with hard work, comes great rewards. Here are some of the nice things that people have said about who we are and what we do.

A charming, beautifully illustrated, story about how good comes to those who keep their promises and how love can happen in unexpected ways!

- Peter Tatchell Founder & Activist

Joana is everything you could ask of a top female leader – confident and yet humble, open and authentic, determined while being open to feedback, and fiercely ambitious while being approachable and fun!

- Laurie Stach Founder - LaunchX

Thank you... [this work] is absolutely fantastic! We appreciate all the work you've put in into making this come alive.

- Stonewall Charity